Achill 6.6kw Cream Enamel Insert stove


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Henley Stoves Best selling Achill 6.6kW insert room heater stove is a fully cast iron stove with over 79% efficiency.  Its convection based technology creates unrivalled constant warmth in your room.  It will fit most standard 16/18″ fireplace openings.

Also available in Black, Brown and Grey enamel finish.

5 year warranty on the body of the stove.
It comes with an airwash system which helps to keep the glass clean. It uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to which will wash over the front of the glass.
It features a tertiary air system. This creates a cleanburn system where hot air pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire. This allows the excess gasses to combust given a cleaner burn.
It is approved for Smoke Control Areas. If you are in a Smoke Control Area then you can only burn authorised fuels (generally just smokeless fuels, although the list is available from DEFRA).
Achill 6.6kw is DEFRA exempt and has been fully tested to this standard. A DEFRA exempt stove can be used in a Smoke Control Area whereas a non DEFRA stove cannot.

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