Adare Fireplace Surround only 52”


Adare Fireplace Surround. Ivory Pearl Surround

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Adare 52″ Fireplace Surround only

Our Marble Collection uses micro marble guaranteeing the cool charm and sophistication of marble with an even tone, minimal maintenance and strength to last for generation to come.

The Marble surrounds range does not include a hearth or back panel allowing for customization.

The craftsmanship and beauty of the Marble Collection is one that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

FinishesIvory Pearl.

Ivory Pearl is a beautifully consistent, warm color based on Italian marble and inspired by the Tuscan sunshine. Popular with architects and interior designers; this best-selling marble material remains a hugely popular choice in any home.


Fireplace Dimensions

Adare 52” mm
A 1321
B 1144
C 864
D 915
E 1321
Rebate 75
G Shelf Depth 180

This is just fire surround only! Granite Back Panel, Hearth or Fitting is not included!

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