Adhesive for Insulation Boards 1 kg

Adhesive for Insulation Boards 1 kg

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The adhesive for insulation boards is a special adhesive for use in fire protection and high temperature technology. The adhesive is used to glue insulation boards. It is used as assembly aid for mechanical fasteners. This applies to both the gluing of identical materials and their combinations. The adhesive is also suitable for bonding concrete and aerated concrete, with additional mechanical strengthening. It is also used to seal ventilation ducts and as an aid in the assembly of lightweight fibre insulation. It is used inside rooms where there is no moisture.


  • Physical state: liquid
  • Delivery form: liquid paste
  • Colour: grey
  • Odour: almost odourless
  • Melting point: not applicable
  • Boiling point: > 100°C
  • Flash point: not applicable
  • Auto-ignition temperature: not applicable
  • Explosiveness: not applicable
  • Explosion limits: do not apply
  • Propitious properties of inflammation: not applicable
  • Steam pressure: ~ 23 bar
  • Density (at 20°C): 1.7 kg / dm3
  • Solubility in water: poor
  • PH density (at 20°C): ~ 12
  • Solubility test: not applicable
  • Viscosity (at 20°C): viscous
  • Solvent content: not applicable.