Aquario M 12kW Insert Boiler Stove

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Aquario M 12kW Insert Boiler Stove
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Aquario M 12kW Insert Boiler Stove

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Aquario – new Fireplaces with water heating coil. The used technology and materials to create an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly high efficiency (about 85% ) the capsule, the release of low-CO emissions. Therefore capsules parameters meet strict German standards BImSchV 1 and 2 BImSchV, which are among the most stringent in Europe. Eco Aqua line of capsules made of boiler steel, so it is reliable, heat-resistant and long lasting. They are adapted to the operation of central heating systems with a working pressure up to 2 bars. Standard capsules fitted coil that thermally protects the machine. Water circuit connector body is additionally strengthened. Optionally offered with double glass capsule, the so-called “glass” system, with black painted glass edges looks modern. The combustion chamber is lined with “Acumotte” ceramic plates. This material is characterized by both accumulation and insulating properties. Insulation- limiting the immediate impact of the capsule body heat increases the temperature of the combustion chamber and reduces gas emissions into the environment. Accumulates – accumulates during combustion to generate heat, which is excreted slowly for several hours, the flame go out. Eco Aqua fireplaces adapted to work with central heating systems, heat pumps, solar batteries with domestic hot water boilers and STORAGE TANKS.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated power: 12kW;
  • Power to the water: 8.1kW;
  • Flue diameter: 180mm;
  • Efficiency: 86.7%;
  • CO emission (after 13% CO): 0,09%;
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 198C;
  • Operating pressure BAR: 2;
  • Weight: 236kg;
  • Heated m²: 80-140;
  • Max. wood length: 450mm;
  • Housing: Steel 5 mm;
  • Fuel Types: Deciduous wood.


The body and the front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the high quality steel used in production. Built in smoke tubes and high flue, which increase the heat exchange surface. Increased heat exchange surface due to built-in smoke tubes and high flue. Regulation of chimney draft using built-in damper. Manual control over the combustion process carried out by ash tray regulator.

Perfect tightness thanks to the solid welds made in a noble gas shielding. All steel elements are laser cut and bent on CNC bending machines. Protection against overheating by the built-in coil pipe – connector input / output 1/2”.


Classic front of insert is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC. The cold handle system which limits the risk of burns due to the possibility of removing it while burning. Decorative fence helps to maintain the tidiness and protects against falling out of wood. Movable grate and ashpan enables to clean the insert.



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