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  • Energy class: A+;
  • Ecodesign: +;
  • BlmSchV II: +;
  • 15a B-VG: +;
  • Nominal power: 19kw;
  • Heating load range: 9,5-24kw;
  • Water cycle heating power: 7,2kw;
  • Thermal efficiency: 83%;
  • Dust emission [g/m³] – 0,025;
  • CO emission (by13% O2 ) – 0,666;
  • Water jacket capacity (dm³) – 45;
  • Weight: 217kg;
  • Flue diameter: 200mm;
  • Air intake diameter: 125mm;
  • Glass dimensions: 680 x 530mm;
  • Min. active field of outlet vents (cm²) – 1330-1520;
  • Min. active field of inlet vents (cm²) – 760-1240;
  • Fuel Type: seasoned wood of deciduous trees (beech, birch, hornbeam) with humidity of 12-20%;
  • Scheme:


  • Heating water supplying central heating system and usable water.
  • Independent work in open system.
  • Cooperation with other heating devices (gas-fired and oil kettle, solar and photovoltaic systems) in closed system.
  • Heating power transferred through convection to water and air, and radiating through the glass pane to the room.
  • Body (jacket of the insert) made of 3mm thick boiler steel (P265GH grade) and heater(water jacket) of 4mm.
  • Handle always keeps cold (special ventilated construction).
  • Air curtain reduces soot deposition and ensures clean glass effect.
  • Heat resistant ceramic glass of working temperature up to 8000
  • Steel door made of strengthen profile ensures rigidity and high temperature resistance.
  • Standard door type(possibility of changing door opening direction).
  • Regulated feet enable stable insert positioning on unstable surface.
  • Insert connection with chimney duct through the flue additionally increases heat exchanging area.
  • Coil secures the jacket against overheating.
  • Deflector optimizes burning process due to the increase of the temperature inside the chamber.
  • Integrated throttle.
  • Combustion chamber lined with a special concrete material accumulating heat and at the same time increasing insert efficiency.
  • Grate and ash pane make ahs removal easier.
  • Specially designed rear part of the body allows to bring secondary air to the upper part of the furnace and increases effectiveness of after burning combustion gases. The afterburner system reduces emission of harmful substances to the environment and increases fuel saving.
  • Insert components are produced with the help of modern CNC machines (laser 2D, 3D laser, Folding press).
  • The insert is welded on the welding robot MAG guaranteeing high quality and aesthetics of welds.
  • Meet the standards of BlmSchV II and Ecodesign.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive in the EU Member States: “This product can not be used as the primary source of heating”.



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