Ardente Duo 90x41.DSS 18kW


Ardente Duo 90×41.DSS 18kW


Delivery time: 1-2 weeks



  • Ecodesign: +;
  • BlmSchV II: +;
  • Nominal power: 18kw;
  • Heating load range: 9-23kw;
  • Thermal efficiency: 79%;
  • Dust emission [g/m³] – 0,035;
  • CO emission (by13% O2 ) – 0,584;
  • Weight: 294kg;
  • Flue diameter: 200mm;
  • Air intake diameter: 125mm;
  • Glass dimensions: 900 x 410mm;
  • Min. active field of outlet vents (cm²) – 1260-1440;
  • Min. active field of inlet vents (cm²) – 720-1170.;
  • Scheme:


  • Heating power 18 kW.
  • Tunnel type insert for two-sided or island house.
  • Cartridge with enlarged, deep rectangular combustion chamber giving the possibility of large loads.
  • Hinged cast iron grate for the convenience of cleaning the hearth.
  • Two heat-resistant DECOR glass panes as standard (working temperature up to 800 degrees)
  • Possibility to order dedicated masking frames (powder coated steel in the colour of the cartridge).
  • Clean windshield system: double-sided air deflectors with air curtains.
  • Steel door made of a special profile that guarantees stiffness and high temperature resistance.
  • The elements of the cartridge are manufactured using modern CNC devices (Laser 2D, 3D, press brakes).
  • The insert coat made of P265GH grade boiler steel according to EN 10028-2.
  • Meets BImSchV II and ECODESIGN standards.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive within the EU Member States: “This product can not be used as the primary source of heating”.