Arke 95 14kW Cassette Stove


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ARKE Cassette is a closed fireplace type, which is installed in existing open fireplaces or individualny installed.


Technical Specifications:

  • Rated output: 14,0kW;
  • Range of heating power: 6.0 – 16.5kW;
  • Efficiency: 83,0%;
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 200mm;
  • Complies with Ecodesign criteria: Yes;
  • Designed for heat recovery unit: No;
  • Fuel type: recommended seasoned hardwood with moisture ≤20%;
  • Weight: 154,0kg;
  • CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,10;
  • Flue gas temperature (℃) 195,0;
  • Max log length: 50cm;
  • Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 37,0;
  • Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard: Yes;
  • The energy efficiency index EEI 109,32;
  • The minimum active field of exhaust grilles (cm 2 ) ≥900;
  • The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 ) ≥700;
  • Glazing type: straight;
  • Opening of the doors: to the left;
  • Material: steel;
  • Width: 102,00cm;
  • Height: 62,00cm;
  • Depth: 47,00cm;
  • External air inlet: No;
  • The liner of the combustion chamber: Yes;
  • Ashpan: Yes;
  • Decorative printed glass: Yes;
  • Rated input power: 56W;
  • Rated voltage: 230V;
  • Noise: 39dB.



ARKE cassette is a closed fireplace type, which is installed in existing open fireplaces. Its simple and elegant look goes hand in hand with excellent heating parameters. What is more, it has a clean glass system, which along with a separate container, helps to keep it clean.


More efficient combustion and longer maintenance of temperature by lining the combustion chamber with ceramic material Acumotte which accumulates heat and raises the temperature in the furnace. Full combustion on the dust thanks to  deflector which extend the exhaust path. This process increases the efficiency of burning and guarantees better energy use. It also minimizes the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere. The cassette is equipped with turbines located under the combustion chamber. The device has three levels of fan control. Depending on the choice of one of three options: Position 0 – the turbines are switched on automatically and operate at reduced speed when the sensor reaches a temperature of 50 ° C. (The sensor is situated below the ash tray in the front of the machine) Position 1 – turbines operate continuously at reduced speed regardless of the cassette operation, Position 2 – turbines operate continuously at full speed regardless of the cassette operation. Turbines are responsible for forcing the air circulation in the unit so that heat is transferred to the environment more efficiently. Air adjustment – so called “air curtain” is done with a mechanism installed over the inserts door. The opening of the mechanism allows the air to enter the insert into its upper part, where the combustion of gases produced during wood combustion process takes place. This allows to reduce significantly the emission of harmful CO to the atmosphere. Air directed to the slat “sweeps” the glass pushing away the fire and smoke. It significantly reduces the deposition of soot on the glass so it remains clean.


Front of the insert is equipped with a heat resistant ceramic withstanding temperatures up to 800°C. We offered by us glass certified quality and safety. The body and the front of the insert is resistant to high temperatures through the use of high quality steel. Excellent tightness thanks to the solid welding made in shielded noble gas. Steel elements are laser cut with the help of modern equipment, and then they are bent on CNC benders.


Keeping the insert clean is easier thanks to fitted ash grate and container where ash is accumulated. Reduced soot deposition through a system of clean glass system (air curtain). Air curtain separates the glass from the chamber thanks of that the glass doesn’t become dirty and emit more heat to the room.


The insert has singular decorative glass thanks to that it looks elegant and modern. Such solution visually enlarges the front of the insert and emphasizes the view of the fire. The door of the insert has comfortable handle.


The unit meets the requirements of Ecodesign standards and the restrictions of the BImSchV 2 standard, which determines the maximum CO emission.