Berna 15.5kw Pellet Boiler Stove


Available in either red or with side panels, suitable to heat 10-13 single panel radiators. Self-cleaning burn-pot, room fan, Rotary feed system.  Delivery 2 – 3 weeks.

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Steel version – Dimensions: 600x1170x520 mm Technical Features
Introduced power : 15,46 Kw Ventilated pellet hydro stove for warm water production for heating:
Water power output : 12.44Kw steel structure
Convection and radiation power output : 2.01Kw steel or ceramic cover
Power performance : 93,45 % rear smoke outlet
Heatable volume : 130 – 360 m3 cast iron brazier and door
Hourly consumption: 1,18 – 3,14 Kg/h self-cleaning system of the brazier
Rated power absorption : 90,4 W standard circulator, expansion tank and safety valve
Boiler capacity: 21 L possibility of remote thermostat connection
Tank capacity: 30 Kg sanitary kit available
Mimimum stroke: 10-12 Pa room ventilator
Smoke outlet diameter: 80 mm
Steel version – Weight: 170 Kg

Colours available: Red & White

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Red, White