Cartmel 48″ Polar White Micromarble Suite

Cartmel 48″ Polar White Micromarble Suite

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Polar White marble offers a brilliant, clear, classic look, add sense of depth with its warm, mottled tones.
This have some exquisite detail that is rarely seen in suites of this material. This is a testament to the skill of the craftmen who are making these products with great care and attention.

(No Lights)


  • A: 1220mmSUITES Schema
  • B: 1040mm
  • C: 762mm
  • D: 810mm
  • E: 1150mm
  • F: 180mm
  • G: 75mm
  • H: 140mm
  • I: 380mm
  • J: 1220mm
  • K: 51mm