Elite G1 7kw Metallick Black Log Box stove


Delivery time: 2-3 working days


The Elite G1 7kw stove is part of the New Elite Collection, which combines aesthetics and functionality. With high quality chamotte ceramic, a durable heat resistant material which prevents damage to walls and other objects. Also incorporates a hermetically sealed chamber that allows for correct combustion regulation, which results in less fuel consumption & higher efficiency > 81%.

5 year warranty on the body of the stove and 1 year warranty on baffle plate, grate and fuel retainer.
It comes with an airwash system which helps to keep the glass clean.  It uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to which will wash over the front of the glass.
It features a tertiary air system.  This creates a cleanburn system where hot air pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire.  This allows the excess gasses to combust given a cleaner burn.


  • Power: 7kw (23884BTU);
  • Finish: range glass or ceramic;
  • Flue size: 150mm (6″);
  • Flue location: top/ centre.

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