Granite Stove Hearth Extension Piece


Granite Hearth Polished available in a range of sizes also custom cut hearths available to suit your size.
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Granite Hearth Polished

36″*14″ with 2″ Riser

If you are fitting a stove, then you will need to protect the floor underneath it and the walls around it. As well as the added safety, a raised granite hearth will elevate your stove above the floor, making it much easier to access.

Once you meet the clearance requirements, then you can choose from either a curved or rectangular or square granite hearth to suit the proportions of your room and your stove. Remember that some stoves may be quite heavy, and so it is important that the hearth supports the weight correctly.

If you already have a fireplace and are fitting a stove, then you may already have a hearth, but it also can be an opportunity to change your existing. We can fit a granite hearth under your stove to comply with Building Regulations, including all the clearances that are required around the stove. These granite slabs come in a variety of sizes in shapes so you can choose just what will suit your home.