Koza K10 10kw stove

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Koza K10 10kw stove
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Koza K10 10kw stove

Price 755.00

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Delivery Time: 3-5 days


The housing is made of cast iron. The exhaust can be mounted either top or back. Air clean glass-forming system – limits the deposit of soot in the glass. Cast iron deflector – extends the exhaust path. Heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800oc. Decorative back plate. Ash pan. The cold handle can be removed when the fire is lit. Movable grate for easy cleaning. Stove with a minimum wall thickness of 8mm, guarantees a trouble-free operation. Decorative grate protect the wood from falling. Regulation of air supply for combustion. Decorative side panel. Decorative base feet.

5 years warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Power rating: 10kW;
  • Range of power rating: 6 – 13kW;
  • Diameter: 130/150mm;
  • Efficiency: ~75%;
  • CO emmision (per 13% O2) ≤ 0.19;
  • Temperature (°C) 334;
  • Weight: 111kg;
  • Length of wood: 350mm;
  • Fuel: Seasonal hardwood (humidity max 20%), brown coal briquettes;
  • Material: Grey cast iron class 200.



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