Lucy 16kW Boiler Insert Stove

Lucy 16kW Boiler Insert Stove

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Technical Specifications:

  • Rated output: 16,0kW;
  • Range of heating power: 7.0 – 20.0kW;
  • Efficiency: 81,0%;
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 200mm;
  • Designed for heat recovery unit: Yes;
  • Fuel type: lignite briquettes recommended seasoned hardwood;
  • Weight: 205,0kg;
  • CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,09;
  • Flue gas temperature (℃) 260,0;
  • Max log length: 50cm;
  • Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 20,0;
  • Compliance with BlmSchV 2 standard: Yes;rys tech lucy 16 pw 1
  • The minimum active field of exhaust grilles (cm 2 ) ≥1000;
  • The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 ) ≥800;
  • Opening of the doors: to the left;
  • Material: steel;
  • Width: 99,90cm;
  • Height: 120,30cm;
  • Depth: 42,00cm;
  • External air inlet: Yes;
  • The liner of the combustion chamber: Yes;
  • Ashpan: Yes;
  • Decorative printed glass: Yes.



The insert of an interesting shape with side glazing, with a slim combustion chamber, thanks to which it will be perfect for living rooms with a small area and a small demand for heating power. Thanks to the double-sided vision of the fire and the delicate front frame, it perfectly fits into the style of modern interiors. Modern solutions used in the fireplace guarantee energy savings and make the usage and cleaning of the device trouble-free.


More efficient combustion and longer maintenance of temperature by lining the combustion chamber with ceramic material Acumotte which accumulates heat and raises the temperature in the furnace. Full combustion on the dust thanks to two deflectors which extend the exhaust path. This process increases the efficiency of burning and guarantees better energy use. It also minimizes the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere.  Air supply to the inserts comes only from outside thanks to the inbuilt air intake connector fi 125 mm. It is controlled by an  adjustable throttle with one controller beneath the door. This solution excludes errors of improper use. The whole mechanism works very quietly and flawlessly. In this insert there is triple air system of combustion chamber. Primary air which enables setting a fire is supplied under the grate. Secondary air  – providing economic and ecological burning is supplied by holes on the back wall. Additionally, this insert is equipped with Clear Glass System (air curtain), so the air is supplied directly to the glass through a system of channels located on the sides of the fireplace. In this way oxygen is supplied to the upper part of the combustion chamber, were happens post-combustion of gases produced while combustion of wood. At the same time it reduces harmful CO emissions to the atmosphere. Such air system enables to control burning process very precisely.


The unit meets the requirements of Ecodesign standards and the restrictions of the BImSchV 2 standard, which determines the maximum CO emission.


Front of the insert is equipped with a heat resistant ceramic withstanding temperatures up to 800°C. We offered by us glass certified quality and safety. The body and the front of the insert is resistant to high temperatures through the use of high quality steel. Excellent tightness thanks to the solid welding made in shielded noble gas. Steel elements are laser cut with the help of modern equipment, and then they are bent on CNC benders.


Special profiled bottom plate of acumotte is used in this insert. Thank to that the chamber of the fireplace is bigger and larger amount of wood can be put inside. Additionally shallow combustion chamber was used, this results on low demand for heating power. Thanks to this the fireplace perfectly suits to small living spaces. Movable grate and ash drawer enable to keep the insert clean. Reduced soot deposition through a system of clean glass system (air curtain). Air curtain separates the glass from the chamber thanks of that the glass doesn’t become dirty and emit more heat to the room. Insert can be easily elevate thanks to the regulated the legs. The model is equipped with a movable exhaust outlet and thanks to that there is no need to purchase additional knees for installation. It is possible due to easy adjustment of the angle of connection to the chimney system.


The insert with modern panoramic shape with shallow combustion chamber, thus ideally suited to the living rooms with small area and low demand for heating power. Ideal for energy-efficient and passive homes. Advanced solutions ensure energy saving and make using and cleaning of the fireplace very easy. The insert has singular decorative glass thanks to that it looks elegant and modern. Such solution visually enlarges the front of the insert and emphasizes the view of the fire. The door of the insert has comfortable handle.