MBZ 13kW Right Corner Glass Insert Boiler Stove

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MBZ 13kW Right Corner Glass Insert Boiler Stove
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MBZ 13kW Right Corner Glass Insert Boiler Stove

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The Double glass inserts of the MBZ line are an economical and ecological solution with a water – based unit, which does not differ from a the typical insert stove. Thanks to the unusual vision of the fire and the delicate frame, it perfectly fits into the design of modern interiors. This type stove is often chosen for houses with open spaces, such as living rooms and dinning areas.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated output: 13,0kW;
  • Average power of the water: 7,0kW;
  • Range of heating power: 6.0 – 16.0kW;
  • Efficiency: 81,0%;
  • The maximum operating pressure (bar) 2,0;
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 200mm;
  • Complies with Ecodesign criteria: Yes;
  • Designed for heat recovery unit: Yes;
  • Fuel type: lignite briquettes recommended seasoned hardwood;
  • Weight: 240,0kg;
  • Water capacity: 34,0l;
  • CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,10;
  • Flue gas temperature (℃) 230,0;
  • Max log length: 50cm;
  • Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 32,0;
  • Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard: Yes;
  • The energy efficiency index: EEI 106;
  • Material: steel;
  • Width: 78,00cm;
  • Height: 134,00cm;
  • Depth: 57,50cm;
  • External air inlet: Yes;
  • The liner of the combustion chamber: Yes;
  • Ashpan: No;
  • Decorative printed glass: Yes;
  • Coil: Yes.


The body and the front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the high quality steel used in production. Built in smoke tubes and high flue, which increase the heat exchange surface. Increased heat exchange surface due to built-in smoke tubes and high flue. Manual control over the combustion process carried out by ash tray regulator.

Perfect tightness thanks to the solid welds made in a noble gas shielding. All steel elements are laser cut and bent on CNC bending machines. Protection against overheating by the built-in coil pipe – connector input / output 1/2”. Fireplace’s doors resistant to tensions and stable thanks to the use of closed profile. Door seals designed in profiled canal what guarantees proper adherence and protects against eventual falling out while operating.


Double door opening system – lift up (Guillotine) and side opening. Lifted door makes loading of wood easier and mechanism of side door opening allows to clean the glass. Movable grate and ashpan enables to clean the insert.


Decorative, heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC. It gives a fireplace a modern and elegant look, visually enlarges the front of the insert.



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