Morgan 60c Insert 10kW

Morgan 60c Insert 10kW

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The Morgan Collection

The Morgan 60C is the largest of the non boiler Morgan range of insert stoves. It offers a very generous output of 10Kw which is enough to heat your large family room or give you the option of opening your doors and letting the heat travel to other rooms/halls.

Heat Output: 10Kw

Morgan 60c Insert Features:

  • 78.8% Efficiency;
  • Large window;
  • Double sided stove, can be installed in a chimney between two rooms;
  • Powerful Airwash to keep the glass clean;
  • Cleanburn Technology, preheated combustion air giving you more heat to your room and less harmful emissions to the atmosphere;
  • Vermiculite inner lining, improves combustion, helps keep the inside clean;
  • Attractive Stainless Steel fittings;
  • Ability to burn smokeless fuels and wood;
  • Comes with 3 sided frame as standard with the option of a 4 sided frame;
  • Fits in to a 600mm opening.



  • H: 550mm;
  • W: 600mm Overall;
  • D: 655mm Overall;
  • Flue Outlet: 150mm.


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