Nadia 12kW Insert Stove

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Nadia 12kW Insert Stove
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Nadia 12kW Insert Stove

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The housing is made of boiler steel with combustion chamber lined with Acumotte.
Image result for free nationwide deliveryIdeal for homes with heat recovery units.
Fireplace insert meets BlmschV 2 norms and regulations.
Vermiculite deflector – extends the exhaust path.
Adjustable legs for leveling a fireplace.
External air inlet – special connector mounted in fireplace insert, which supplies the fresh air to the insert directly from outside.
Built ins external air inlet diameter 125mm with installed trottle to adjust the air flow.
Regulation of air supply for combustion.
System glass – external decorative glass, which gives a fireplace modern look.
Heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800oc.
5 years Warranty.


Technical Specifications:

  • Power rating: 12kW;
  • Range of power rating: 8 – 16kW;
  • Diameter: 200mm;
  • Efficiency: ~81%;
  • CO emmision (per 13% O2) ≤ 0.08;
  • Temperature (°C) – 245;
  • Weight: 145kg;
  • Length of wood: 400mm;
  • Fuel: Seasonal hardwood (humidity max 20%), brown coal briquettes;
  • Material: steel, Combustion chamber lined with acumotte.



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