NBC Three Sided Glass 8kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove

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NBC Three Sided Glass 8kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove

NBC Three Sided Glass 8kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove

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Three sided glazing – great  technical parametres and precision of execution, these kind of features characterize this line of fireplaces.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated output: 8,0kW;
  • Range of heating power: 3.5 – 10.0kW;
  • Efficiency: 83,0%;
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 200mm;
  • Complies with Ecodesign criteria: Yes;
  • Designed for heat recovery unit: Yes;
  • Fuel type: recommended seasoned hardwood with moisture ≤20%;
  • Weight: 238,0kg;
  • CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,09;
  • Flue gas temperature (℃) 198,0;
  • Max log length: 40cm;
  • Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 38,0;
  • Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard: Yes;
  • The energy efficiency index: EEI 105,40;
  • The minimum active field of exhaust grilles (cm 2 ) ≥700;
  • The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 ) ≥500;
  • Glazing type: lateral;
  • Opening of the doors: lift up;
  • Material: steel;
  • Width: 57,60cm;
  • Height: 147,00cm;
  • Depth: 71,90cm;
  • External air inlet: Yes;
  • The liner of the combustion chamber: Yes;
  • Ashpan: Yes;
  • Decorative printed glass: Yes.



Made of high quality steel resistant to very high temperatures. Efficient burning process & maintaining of temperature to keep the warmth for longer thanks to lining of combustion chamber with Acumotte – heat accumulating material which raises the temperature in the combustion chamber. High flue and smoke tube which are transversely located – increases the area of heat exchange between the insert and the surrounding. Reducing the temperature of the gas exhaust helps to increase the efficiency of the device. Fireplace’s doors resistant to tensions and stable thanks to the use of closed profile. Door seals designed in profiled canal what guarantees proper adherence and protects against eventual falling out while operating. Combustion of fuel particles thanks to deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path. Air supplied from outside only thanks to built-in an external air inlet fi 125mm. Air adjustment with just one regulator which prevents from improper usage. Triple air system of combustion chamber: primary air- directed to combustion plate; secondary air supplied by the holes located in the back wall. Additionally, the system of air clean glass has been applied (curtain air).


Perfect tightness thanks to the solid welds made in a noble gas shielding. All steel elements are laser cut and bent on CNC bending machines. Insert’s front equipped with a heat resistant ceramics that withstands temperatures up to 800oC.


Grateless fireplace insert – full combustion on the dust what means that firewood burns into fine ash at minimum amount. Obtained thermal energy from firewood is exploited to the maximum. The bottom plate of the insert is significantly reduced relative to the door. Reduced soot deposition through a system of pure glass (air curtain). Double door opening system – lift up (Guillotine) and side opening. Lifted door makes loading of wood easier and mechanism of side door opening allows to clean the glass. Parental control against of unauthorized door opening.


Decorative, heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC. It gives a fireplace a modern and elegant look, visually enlarges the front of the insert.


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