Oliwia 17kw Left Side Glass Insert Boiler stove

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Oliwia 17kw Left Side Glass Insert Boiler stove
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Oliwia 17kw Left Side Glass Insert Boiler stove

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Built-in damper regulates the strength of the chimney draft.
High flue – increases the area of heat exchange in a fireplace with water jacket.
Heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800oc.
Air clean glass-forming system – limits the deposit of soot on the glass.
Large combustion chamber.
The system of cold handle allows you to remove it during the combustion process.
Movable grate makes easier cleaning.
Ash pan.
Reinforcing pins for fireplaces with water jacket and material, 4mm boiler plate, ensure reliable operation of the fireplace.
Decorative grate protects the wood from falling.
Regulation of air supply for combustion.
Smoke tubes – increase the heat exchange surface in a fireplace.
Handles assist in moving the fireplace.

5 years Warranty

External air inlet – special connector mounted in fireplace insert, which supplies the fresh air to the insert directly from outside. It comes in a kit with 2 adapters, damper, 1m ø100 pipe and a vent –5pcs kit price €100


  • Rated power: 17kw;
  • The average power of the water: 13kw;
  • Flue diameter: 200mm;
  • Efficiency: ~75%;
  • CO emission ( after 13% O2): 0.28;
  • Working pressure (bar): 2;
  • Exhaust gas temperature (°C): 305;
  • Weight: 171kg;
  • Max wood length: 500mm;
  • Capacity of water: 35l;
  • Range of rated power: 8-23kw;
  • Material: Grey cast iron class 200, 4mm boiler steel;
  • Fuel types: Seasonal hardwood (humidity max 20%), brown coal briquettes.


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