Skellig 9 kW Black Enamel Boiler Stove


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Skellig 9kW

The Skellig multi-fuel stove is another main stay of the Henley collection.
It is capable of heating up to 4 radiators and a hot water tank.
Manufactured from high-quality heavy cast iron it has been a best-seller year in and year out.
It is available in both a room heater and boiler in matt black and enamel.

Stove Specs

Power: 9kW(30709BTU)
Power to Water: 5.9kW(20131BTU)
Power to Room: 3.1kW(10577BTU)
Finish: Cast Iron
Flue Size: 153mm
Flue Location: Top/Rear

ceCE – EN13240

A Henley stove with this icon means that the stove meets the European standard of test for stoves fired by solid fuel, Incorporating corrigenda September 2003, June 2006, and August 2007.

warranty5 Year Warranty

All Henley stoves come with a 5-year warranty on the body of the stove and a 1-year warranty on the baffle plate, grate, and fuel retainer.

air-washAir Wash

All Henley stoves come with an air wash system which helps to keep the glass clean. It uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside which will wash over the front of the glass.


A Henley stove with this icon features a tertiary air system.  This creates a cleanburn system where hot air is pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire. This allows the excess gasses to combust given a cleaner burn.

colour-optionsFinish Option

A Henley stove with these icons means the stove comes in a variety of painted/enamel finishes.


A Henley stove with this icon is a boiler stove that comes with thermostat control.  This regulates the amount of air released into the stove until it reaches the optimum temperature  and automatically closes

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