STMA 68×43.Left 12,5KW

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STMA 68×43.Left 12,5KW
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STMA 68×43.Left 12,5KW

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  • Energy class: A;
  • Ecodesign: +;
  • BlmSchV II: +;
  • Nominal power: 12,5kw;
  • Heating load range: 6-16kw;
  • Thermal efficiency: 75,5%;
  • Dust emission [g/m³] – 0,037;
  • CO emission (by13% O2 ) – 0,873;
  • Weight: 109kg;
  • Air intake diameter: 125mm;
  • Glass dimensions: 680 x 430 x 347mm;
  • Min. active field of outlet vents (cm²) – 770-880;
  • Min. active field of inlet vents (cm²) – 440-720;
  • Fuel Type: seasoned wood of deciduous trees (beech, birch, hornbeam) with humidity of 12-20%;
  • Flue diameter: 180mm;
  • Scheme:


  • Integrated throttle regulates primary and secondary air intake.
  • Two deflectors (ceramic and steel) optimize burning process by increasing the temperature inside the combustion chamber.
  • After-burning system reduces combustion gases emission and improves fuel saving.
  • Additional radiators (ribs) extends coat heating area.
  • Combustion chamber lined with ceramic concrete  – material increasing the efficiency of the insert.
  • Door made of a strengthen profile improving rigidity and durability.
  • Glass pane made of up to 800°C heat-resistant ceramic glass.
  • Cast iron grate and ash box.
  • Insert components are produced with the help of modern CNC machines (laser 2D, 3D laser, Folding press).
  • Meet the standards of BlmSchV II and Ecodesign.


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