The Poplar (Plain Door) 6.8kW


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The Poplar (Plain Door) – Instead of taking air from the room an inlet is provided allowing in the stove to be ‘feed’ directly from air outside the house and thus avoiding the need for an open vent in well-sealed houses. (This is a factory fitted inlet, and cannot be retro-fitted in one of the non-‘outside air’ stoves. The appearance is slightly different due to the lack of air vents on the door of the stove).

  • Nominal heat output: 6.8kW
  • Output range: 6.8-8.8kW
  • Efficiency: 77.84%
  • Fuel Type: Wood, coal, anthracite
  • Dimensions: H545 W435 D450
  • Secondary airwash: Yes
  • Flue diameter: 125mm (5″)
  • Flue outlet: top or rear
  • Body warranty: 1 Year
  • CE Test: EN 13240
  • Outside air: No / Yes (outside)
  • Made of: Cast Iron


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