Thor 8 kW Stove


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THOR is a freestanding steel oven with an interesting geometrical shape of a cuboid. Its simple form attracts everyone’s attention.

Technical data

Nominal output (kW) 8,0
Range of heating power (kW) 5.5 – 10.0
Efficiency (%) 83,0
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) 150
Designed for heat recovery unit Yes
Fuel type allowed brown coal briquettes, recommended hardwood decayed wood
Weight (kg) 160,0
CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,10
Flue gas temperature (℃) 175,0
Max log length (cm) 30
Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 38,0
Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard Yes
The energy efficiency index EEI 109,32
Glazing type boczne
Opening of the doors w prawo
Material stal
Width (cm) 45,20
Height (cm) 128,60
Depth (cm) 45,20
External air inlet Yes
The liner of the combustion chamber Yes
Ashpan Yes
Decorative printed glass Yes




The triple glazing makes the vision of fire more attractive, and the extra glass decorative glass emphasizes its charm. The interior of the oven lined with Acumotte perfectly contrasts with the solid, giving a whole modern look.

Robust vertical handle, makes it easy to seal the door. Thanks to this, the device works well in homes with recuperation.



Effective combustion and longer temperature retention are achieved by the lining of the combustion chamber Acumotte, a heat-curing material that increases the temperature in the furnace.

Burning of fuel particles occurs through a deflector that extends the exhaust path. This process also increases the efficiency of combustion and guarantees a better use of energy and thus minimizes the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. In addition, a diaphragm has been installed at the exhaust outlet, which has a similar function to the deflector, which further enhances the effects of the device.

The air supply to the cartridge is made from the outside thanks to the built-in 100 mm air intake manifold. The canister itself can be connected to the furnace from the rear or from the bottom. Its adjustment is done with a throttle adjustable by one regulator below the door, which eliminates errors in misuse. The whole mechanism works very quietly and without fail.

The cartridge uses a triple combustion chamber ventilation system. Primary air, which facilitates burning wood, is provided under the grate. Secondary air – providing ecological combustion – is provided with holes in the rear wall.

In addition, the system uses a clean glass system (air curtain), that is, air is delivered directly to the glass through the channel system located on the sides of the fireplace. In this way oxygen is supplied to the upper part of the combustion chamber, which burns the gases produced by the combustion process, which further limits the emission of harmful CO to the atmosphere.



THORA front is equipped with heat resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C. The glass offered by us is certified for quality and safety.

The body and front of the cartridge are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the use of high quality steel. They also ensure the stability of the whole structure.

Excellent sealing of the device is ensured thanks to solid welds made in the cover of noble gas. Steel parts cut by laser with the use of modern equipment and then bent on CNC bending machines.



A specially profiled bottom plate made of Acumotte is used in the furnace, which makes the combustion chamber deeper and houses more wood .

The stove can easily be kept clean by removing the grate and the container where the ash is collected.

The glazing of the cartridge remains clean thanks to the clear glass system used in it .

The air curtain separates the glass from the hearth. So it does not get dirty.

THOR has the ability to mount exhaust gaps both from the top and the rear of the unit, making it easy to mount.

Under the hearth there is a chamber where the intake system is hidden.

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