Trinity 54x54x53.G 10kw

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Trinity 54x54x53.G 10kw
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Trinity 54x54x53.G 10kw

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  • Energy class: A;
  • Ecodesign: +;
  • BlmSchV II: +;
  • Nominal power: 10kw;
  • Heating load range: 5-13,5kw;
  • Thermal efficiency: 77%;
  • Dust emission [g/m³] – 0,035;
  • CO emission (by13% O2 ) – 1,185;
  • Weight: 320kg;
  • Flue diameter: 200mm;
  • Air intake diameter: 150mm;
  • Min. active field of outlet vents (cm²) – 700-800;
  • Min. active field of inlet vents (cm²) – 400-650.;
  • Scheme:


  • Impressive three-way contribution to modern projects with maximum vision of fire.
  • Minimizing the steel elements of the front and the door of the cartridge while maintaining durability and tightness of the furance.
  • Used combined glass without printing maximizes the natural appearance of the furnace.


  • Opening the furnace with the use of a new guillotine mechanism that ensures tightness of the insert, safety against opening by children and servic access.
  • The design of the cartridge minimizes the effect of returning smoke to the room when the door is opened.


  • A wide fireplace with a cast iron grate, independently ventilated and controlled throttle.
  • A large container for ash in the form of a removable drawer under the grate.
  • Automatic maintenance of clean glass thanks to a three-way air guide with independent ventilation,ensuring the formation of an air curtain protecting the glass against pollution. The air from the outside is supplied through the stub Ø150, and then divided into three independent channels Ø90: under the grate, lower air curtain and afterburner and the upper air curtain.

Quality and ecology:

  • The insert coat made of hogh-temperatue boiler steel (P265GH according to EN 10028-2) using automated production and modern CNC devices (Laser 2D, 3D, press brakes).
  • Frame of tripartite glazing made of a special profile that quarantees stiffness and high temperature resistance.
  • Ceramic concreto allows for longer burning of fuel particles, extends the exhaust route and optimizes the combustion proces by increasing the temperature inside the chamber.
  • Improvement of combustion parameters and efficiency due to the combustion chamber lining with refactory ceramic panels that acucumulate heat in the combustinon chamber. The openings in the rear wall of the hearth are independently annealed post combustion system.
  • Meets BImSchV II, ECODESIGN standards.


  • The cartridge is equipped with a cost iron Ø200 with a 360 degree adjustment, giving the possibility fumes in every direction.
  • Adjusting the height and leveling the fireplace allows the legs (you can remove an additional 4 cm).
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive within the EU Members States: “This product can not be used as the primary source of heating”.



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