VN 810/410 Left 14kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove

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VN 810/410 Left 14kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove
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VN 810/410 Left 14kW Lift Up Glass Insert Stove

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The modern VN insert the up=door version (guillotine – lift up system) with side glazing without a muntin combines unique aesthetics Image result for free nationwide deliveryand exceptional performance properties. In addition to visual features, the device guarantees efficient space heating and ecological wood burning. Thanks to the use of modern materials and innovative technical solutions, it is characterized by a very subtle appearance. One of it’s many advantages is the possibility of connecting the air intake from the outside. The elegance of the insert is added by the decorative glass type glazing. In addition, it has a parental lock that protects against uncontrolled opening of the door.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated output: 14,0kw;
  • Range of heating power: 6.0 – 17.0kw;
  • Efficiency: 82,0%;
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 200mm;
  • Complies with Ecodesign criteria: Yes;
  • Designed for heat recovery unit: Yes;
  • Fuel type: recommended seasoned hardwood with moisture ≤20%;
  • Weight: 261,0kg;
  • CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,09;
  • Flue gas temperature (℃) 245,0;
  • Max log length: 40cm;
  • Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 13,0;
  • Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard: Yes;
  • The energy efficiency index: EEI 108,00;
  • The minimum active field of exhaust grilles (cm 2 ) ≥900;
  • The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 ) ≥700;
  • Glazing type: lateral;
  • Opening of the doors: lift up, to the left;
  • Material: steel;
  • External air inlet: Yes;
  • The liner of the combustion chamber: Yes;
  • Ashpan: Yes;
  • Decorative printed glass: Yes.


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