Wiktor 14kW Insert Stove

Wiktor 14kW Insert Stove

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Maximum use of heat due to densely spaced radiators and the wall of the insert made of high quality cast iron with a thickness of 8 mm.

Combustion of fuel particles thanks to deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path.

Increased efficiency of the insert through manual control of chimney draft by using the built-in damper.

Manual control over the combustion process carried out by ash tray regulator.

Classic front of insert is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 660°C.

Decorative fence helps to maintain the tidiness and protects against falling out of wood.

Rated power (kW) 14
Flue diameter (mm) 200
Efficiency % 70
CO emission (after 13% CO) 0.61%
Exhaust gas temperature C 352
Weight (kg) 110
Heated m² ** 120-140
Max. wood length (mm) 450
Housing Cast iron class 200
Fuel Types Deciduous wood


The cold handle system which limits the risk of burns due to the possibility of removing it while burning.

Ash drawer / ashtray, where the remains of burnt wood are gathered and grate for easy ash removal.

Reduced soot deposition through a system of pure glass (air curtain).

5 year warranty.