The Slim 20kw Pellet Boiler Stove


The Slim Pellet boiler offering just under 16.7kw to the water and room fan. It is available with either white, red or black front with black glass door. Delivery 2 – 3 weeks.

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The Slim thermo stove is slim, powerful and reliable, programmable and easy to control.
The front door is entirely black and lets the fire shine through when it is lit, hiding the combustion
chamber when it is off. The Slim is a hydro-ventilated pellet thermo-stove with adjustable and
excludable hot air, this air is generated from the lower rear of the stove, crossing the top of the boiler.
Ash drawer Cast iron brazier
Display with programmable functions Air Flow Management
Glass Cleaning Air Flow (Air Curtain) Double Door
Room Fan (Top) Ceramic glow plug
Technical 20kw 28kw 35kw
Height cm 114 116 121
Width cm 94 99 108
Depth cm 39 44 44
Flue Connection mm 80 100 100
Pellets tank capacity kg 22 25 25
Introduced Power Min/Max kw 8.1 / 21.5 8.1/29 10.6/34.5
Nominal Output Min/Max kw 7.5 / 20.0 7.5/26.2 9.54/31.05
Output to Water kw 16.7 21.7 26.91
Output to room kw 3.3 4.5 4.14
Pellet Consumption kg/h 1.65/4.39 1.65/5.92 2.16/7.04
Efficiency % 93 90.4 90

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Black, Red, White